Why Choose RockTown Music?

About Us

RockTown Music has a dedicated, professional, instrument repair workshop that’s fully equipped to take on any repair job, including:

  • Complete Service and Instrument Set-up (action, intonation, adjust truss rod, trem set-up, fret buffing, nut set-up, clean electronics, balance output, etc.)
  • Fret work (full refret, fret level and dress, radius flattening for choking bends, loose fret ends, etc.)
  • Finishing (touch-up, chip repair, etc.)
  • Structural Work and Repairs (cracks, neck reset, broken headstock, loose bridges, brace and bridge plate repairs, etc.)
  • Upgrades (replace tuners, upgrade nut/saddle, pickups, install acoustic undersaddle pickup, etc.)
  • Electronics (repairs and troubleshooting, pickup swaps, upgrades, custom options, etc.)

Who we are?

While the name is new, RockTown Music is anything but a new business. We have been providing repair services to the Central Arkansas community for over 10 years! The new owner, David McFarlin, has been a musician for over 20 years and has built and maintained several of the instruments that he plays. He came onboard at Little Rock Frets and began studying under Bryon Knight in 2018. David's background inclu...

What we do

We'll be happy to assess and discuss any repair or set-up issue you might have. We'll provide you with an estimate for the work and will talk you through what’s involved in as much detail as you like (or as you can stand). While we specialize in electric and acoustic guitars and basses (from any manufacturer), We are happy to work any stringed instrument. We've repaired a lot of banjos, mandolins, uke...


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